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Veterans Disability

Veterans Disability benefits may be claimed by any veteran with service-connected physical and/or psychological medical conditions. Family members of veterans may also qualify for certain benefits.


Benefits may include monthly cash payments, medical care, and education benefits for the eligible veteran and the veteran's family.  


The Three Factors in a Veteran’s Service-Connected Disability Claim


  1. You must currently suffer from a condition that affects your physical or mental health;

  2. There must have been some incident in service that could have caused this conditon;

  3. There must be a "service connection" – some way to link your current condition to that incident.


After an Application is submitted, 


The VA Regional Office will develop your claim. 


The VA is obligated to obtain your service medical records and request the private and VA Health System records that you tell them about.  


If you have any helpful records, you should include them with your Application. (Always keep copies of any paperwork that you submit to the VA!)


The VA will probably schedule you for at least one Compensation & Pension (C&P) Examination.


The VA will eventually issue a Rating Decision. 



Review the Rating Decision Carefully

If you are dissatisfied with any part of the Rating Decision, you MUST file a Notice of Disagreement on




NEVER ask the VA to "reconsider" a Rating Decision.


  • Be VERY SPECIFIC about what issues you are appealing.

  • You can also request a Hearing with a Decision Review Officer.

  • There is a DEADLINE to file the Notice of Disagreement.


After receiving your NOD, the VA Regional Office will eventually issue additional decisions.


If you are dissatisfied with those decisions, you can ask for a Hearing before the Board of Veterans' Appeals.


The VA claims process is long and complicated.


One mistake can mean years of lost benefits.


A lawyer certified to practice before the VA could help you get a faster, better result.


There is no legal fee at the administrative level until benefits are awarded.

We urge you to submit your claim as soon as possible.


Your benefits are based on the date that the application was filed.


You can file a claim by applying online, or by mailing or faxing the application. You can also visit a VA regional office if you live nearby.

Read more about

For information on filing an application, and for veterans and family members seeking other benefits, see the VA's website.  

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