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Read the Rating Decision Carefully!


This is what you need to look for:


Does the Rating Decision address all of your claimed issues?


Does the Rating Decision award service connection for each issue?


If service-connection is awarded,


Is the effective date of the award correct?


Do you agree with the percentage that was awarded?


If you are dissatisfied with any part of the Rating Decision

You MUST file a Notice of Disagreement*



There is a deadline to file the Notice of Disagreement 


It is safest to make sure that your NOD is received by the VA

within ONE YEAR of the date printed on the Rating Decision.


You must be VERY SPECIFIC about what issues you are appealing.

You can also request a Hearing with a Decision Review Officer.


*NEVER ask the VA to "reconsider" a Rating Decision.

(Call or email to ask us why.)



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