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After the NOD

The VA should send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your Notice of Disagreement.

If you do not get this letter, contact the VA.  

It is safest to file the NOD and also have proof of filing before the deadline to appeal expires. 

Then you WAIT to hear from the VA about:

  • other documents they may want

  • other exams you need to attend

  • a DRO Hearing date, if you requested a DRO review


Meanwhile, continue to submit copies of all new helpful evidence that you have.

(Never give away the original document to the VA or anyone else.)


Eventually you will receive either a Statement of the Case or a Rating Decision, or both.

The BVA may grant all of your claims.

In that situation, you will WAIT for the regional office to issue a Rating Decision. 


The BVA may remand all or some of your claims. 

In that situation, you will WAIT for the regional office to take whatever action the remand directs. 

This could involve ordering more exams and issuing more Rating Decisions.


The BVA may deny all or some of your claims.

In that situation, you can APPEAL to the U S Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Statement of the Case

If you receive a SOC, the VA is denying all or part of your claim. 

You can appeal to the Board of Veterans' Appeals.

The deadline to ask for a BVA review is very short.  

You must use                              to file your appeal.

Board of Veterans' Appeals

The BVA is based in Washington, DC.  There are four ways to have your claim reviewed:  You can submit an argument solely on paper; you can go to Washington, DC for a Hearing before a Veterans' Law Judge; you can have a Hearing by video where you appear at your regional office and the VLJ stays in Washington, DC; or you can wait until a VLJ travels to hold Hearings at your regional office. 

The BVA Decision

Rating Decision 

If you receive a Rating Decision, the VA is granting all or part of your claim.

Read the Rating Decision thoroughly. 

If you do not agree with everything in the Rating Decision, file a Notice of Disagreement.

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